Floats-Surfcoast Floats


 floatsSurfcoast Floats make straight loading and 2 Horse Angle floats.

Our floats are generally designed for the larger horses (excluding the Pioneer)with the width and length of bays being a little larger than standard extra roof height. But they can be made to suit your requirements

 Pioneer & Pioneer Extended


The Pioneer is the smallest and most basic of Surfcoast Floats. It's suited to owners of smaller horses (less than 16hh) who are after a basic float which is safe but without the special extras. 
Also available is the Pioneer Extended. The same as the Pioneer but extended to 10'6" with bay lengths of 6'8 and roof height of 7'3" to suit the larger horse but for owners who what a more basic float without the extras of the Deluxe.
Length - 9'8"

Width - 5'6"

Height - 7'0"

Bay length - 6'0"

Bay Width - 2'6"




The Deluxe is a longer float than the Pioneer with an extra 8 inches in length and 3" in height. This makes it more suitable for the larger horses and provides room for extra storage. It also comes with additional extras.

Length - 10'6"

Width - 5'6"

Height - 7'3"

Bay Length - 6'8

Bay Width - 2'

Deluxe  Extended



The Deluxe Extended is the longest of the straight loaders, with an extra 1'6" than the Deluxe, making it a total of 12' in length. This allows for even more storage and larger horses. The Extended also comes included with a front Tack Cupboard.

Length - 12'

Width - 5'6"

Height - 7'3"

Bay Length - 6'8

Bay Width - 2'6"

2 Horse Angle


The 2 Horse Angle load floats are very popular for owners that have horses that tend to scramble in the normal straight loader. Because they are not standing against a wall they are able to spread their legs and better balance themselves. The angle loads also provide room for a lot more storage space.


2 Horse - 12'6"